Volunteer With Us

Team All-in Portrait

If you would like to support us with your time or expertise–or simply be more engaged in the community to help with our programming and events, please complete the form below and our team will be in touch to get you plugged-in.

What we look for in volunteers:

  • Enthusiastic people dedicated to our values and mission
  • Able to contribute time / energy / expertise / wisdom to our teams, programming, and events
  • The heart of a servant-leader who is comfortable interacting with other volunteers and the public
  • Self-starters who can work with little supervision and still get the job done
  • A commitment to a minimum amount of volunteer time per month to stay coordinated with our teams and in alignment with our leadership’s vision
  • Flexibility of temperament and ability to think on your feet to support our organization
  • A passion for working in a volunteer organization to make the world a better place

Capital Native Nations seeks to celebrate and prioritize the dignity of all members of our community.  We believe strongly that everyone has something to contribute and we are committed to working with you to achieve outcomes that support your goals as a volunteer and ours as an organization.

Our organization does not evaluate volunteers, staff, or contractor candidates based on race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation.